Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We are your Business Plan, Presentation, Website & Video Resource!

Here is a project snapshot of some of our work;

Here is what a cover and table of contents looks like for a professionally written and design business presentation;

Here is a video showing a sample Folder Media Kit that we custom design for marketing and promotions for our Clients who need them;

My name is Johnny Giles and I own and operate #ExpertBusinessPresentations from my home in the Charlotte North Carolina area and I serve Clients internationally. I am a professional business consultant, business plan, presentation and rfp writer and a published author. I have a vast amount of knowledge that I share with my Clients that quantum leap them on their pathway to success and the collateral materials we custom design are high quality and they also sell themselves to your targeted market!

We offer a-la-carte and turnkey packages depending upon the individual needs of our Clients. Here is a custom WordPress site that we designed for our Clients Rick and Richard Walliser, owners of Everest at Kings Mountain where we custom wrote their Development Profile (see pdf download on site), their introduction spokesmodel video and all of the collateral marketing and presentation materials.

This type of site allows the Client to showcase their business, project or venture online easily and quickly and here is a visual of our work;

You can email me at or call/text me at 980-505-3079 anytime to discuss your business, project or venture. I also welcome you to view my website to read Testimonials and to see more of my Portfolio at;

All of our work is custom design and we even specialize in custom website design for those Clients who need it. Here are some samples of the websites we have designed recently;

If you need a professionally written and designed #BusinessPlan - #Presentation - #RFP - #FolderMediaKit - #Brochure - #Flyer - #Video I am very confident that you will be very impressed with what #ExpertBusinessPresentations has to offer you!